The TOTAL Universe, the New Paradigm:

The Seven Fundamental Truths
we must understand about the Universe

The Videos

This page proposes you to see the Videos of the TOTAL Universe, the New Paradigm.
We suggest you to view these videos in order. Their total length is only 1:30. Feel free to review the videos at least a second time, understanding of each of them can only be better after having had an overview of the New Paradigm.

To each one of these videos, there is a corresponding Book in PDF format, free downloadable at the Download page.

Part I: The TOTAL Universe: the Alpha and the Omega

Truth 1: The OMEGA: the Set, the TOTAL Reality

The TOTAL Universe is the SET of ALL things. Any thing EXISTS in the TOTAL Universe...

Truth 2: The ALPHA: the Element, the Generator of all Things

The TOTAL Universe is the ELEMENT of all things. He is the Single Element which constitutes ANY thing. He creates ALL things by simple Iteration of himself.

Truth 3: The XERY: the Universal Equivalence, the Union, the Unity, the Love

Two things X and Y, whatever is their Difference, are Equivalent, they are fundamentally the only and same TOTAL Universe.

Part II: From Negation to Alternation: Back to the Lost Paradigm

Truth 4: The Negation of the TOTAL Universe: the Problem, the Error, the Evil

The Negation of the TOTAL Universe is THE PROBLEM, the root of all the evils. A world without Negation of the TOTAL Universe is a world without negative things.

Truth 5: Earth of Negation in a Universe of Negation; the TOTAL Universe: the Origin and the Goal of the Life

We live in a World of Negation. The only goal of the life in these Worlds is to relearn the TOTAL Universe, the Lost Life.

Truth 6: The New Universe, the "New Heavens" and the "New Earth"

A new Universe is being created, "New Heavens ans New Earth", a World of ALTERNATION, governed by the XERY, the Absolute Love.

Truth 7: Request to the TOTAL Universe

We must adress to the TOTAL Universe the request to live in the New World, and collaborate in its creation.

The contents of these videos are available in book versions (seven books), in PDF format, which can be freely downloaded at the following links: The Books-Videos of the TOTAL Universe, the New Paradigm

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