The TOTAL Universe: the Alpha and the Omega, the Generescence, the Fractal Universe

Matter, as we perceive it at our scale, matter which we are, matter that you are (you who read these lines), matter that are all things which surround us: vegetation, oceans, mountains, houses, all the Earth, the solar system, the stars, our galaxy the Milky Way, etc, is made of three elementary particles: the proton, the neutron and the electron. These are not the only particles which exist, of course, because for example the neutron and the proton are in their turn made up of smaller particles called the quarks, currently considered as among most elementary ones.

It is where current sciences reach their limits, and in particular quantum mechanics and the physics of the particles, as they are currently practiced. This serious handicap of current sciences comes from what they do not rest on the good Paradigm: the TOTAL Universe, the Set of all things, which we note U.

The TOTAL Universe, U, as the greatest Set which exists, as the Great WHOLE, is called the Omega. But as he is also a thing, he is thus also an element of the Set of all things, i.e. of the TOTAL Universe. In other words, the TOTAL Universe is an element of himself. He is thus the greatest Set and the greatest Element. As an Element, the TOTAL Universe is called the Alpha.

The Scales of the Reality, from the Digital Scale (currently unknown)
to the Cosmic Scale via the Quantum Scale and our Scale.

More precisely, the TOTAL Universe, the Set of all things, is also the Element of all things. That is to say that he is the Unique Fundamental Element, the Single Elementary Constituent which constitutes all things, from the First to the Last, from the Alpha to the Omega.

All things are created by simple Iteration (or Repetition or Reproduction) of the Alpha, which is also the Omega. The various iterations of U, which we call Generescences, are:
It is quite simply the list of all the things.

Any thing is one of these Generescences. And we can easily see that Generescences are also Numbers:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ..., if the first one, the Alpha, is called 1. But if the Alpha is called 0, so the Generescences are the Numbers:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ...

From the data-processing point of view, the Generescence means that any thing is an INFORMATION constituted by only one elementary information, the Alpha, U. We call that kind of information an unary information. That means that the TOTAL Universe is the greatest Data-Processing Machine, who functions with the Unary Data-Processing. At the most fundamental scale, at the scale of the TOTAL Universe, everything is Digital. It is at the Digital Scale, which is more fundamental than the Quantum Scale (the scale of particles, as we currently know them), that we at last really understand the Universe and things, the TOTAL Universe to be specific.

Fractal of Julia,
which evokes the shape of a Spiral galaxy.

The fact that the TOTAL Universe is in the same time the Alpha and the Omega, the greatest Set constituted and the fundamental Element which constitutes each thing of that Set, has as consequences that the TOTAL Universe has a very special structure of great importance, currently called a Fractal Structure.

This video proposes you a little journey from the Infinitely Large (the Omega)
to the Infinitely Small (the Alpha).
It gives an overview of the Fractal Structure of the Universe,
it introduces a new cosmology: the Fractal Cosmology.

The notions of Generescence and Fractal Structure are almost synonyms, they are very closely related to other very important notions of the Science of the TOTAL Universe, such as the notions of the Equivalence, the Cycle, the Alternation, etc.

For more information, see the Video 2: The ALPHA: the Element, the Generator of all things

Or freely download the corresponding book in PDF format: Book 2: The ALPHA: the Element, the Generator of all things

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